Incredible Edible Todmorden – Watch this, it’s fantastic, inspirational and totally Yorkshire down to earth.

Shopping trolleys as plant beds – We have planned use abandoned supermarket trolleys as plant containers, but didn’t know that they are ideal for growing carrots – their height helps to give carrot fly the slip!

Community Gardens as site for teaching English Language learning – Here’s an idea we could adopt. This community in the US teaches English to refugees while they work together in the garden.       

Prinzessinnengarten Berlin – This is what we want to do – how marvellous to find this film clip to show what it could be like. So inspirational… please watch.

Culpeper Community Garden -Have a look at the long-established community garden in Islington, North London – we can do this too!

Garden Organic Heritage Seed Library– help maintain seed diversity and grow some heritage varieties

Garden Organics – great resources to learn about how to grow fruit and veg.

Plants for a Future – a database of plants, learn about medicinal qualities, edible varities, trees, shrubs, veg, it’s addictive!


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