Come and volunteer with us!

A garden requires a lot of help to keep it thriving. Throughout the year volunteers are needed to keep the garden vegetable-filled, watered, weeded, pretty and used by the community. We are looking for regular volunteer help throughout the growing season (March-October 2013).

Volunteer work is rewarded through receiving a share of the harvest. Garden jobs vary through the season from maintenance work to sowing seeds, watering, planting, weeding, harvesting, pruning.

The garden is a learning space and we welcome those with no growing experience to come and get involved.

Contact us: mfcommunitygarden (@) gmail.com

More info: facebook page |  facebook group

Opening Hours:

We are open:

   Thursday: 10am – 1pm          Saturday: 10am – 1pm       Sunday: 12pm – 3pm



1 thought on “Volunteer

  1. Oh no! I’m really sad that you’re closing and not re-opening somewhere else……? Is there no funding to move? is it lack of people? Maybe we could recruit on FB or hastings Creatives….Hastings Network?….Boo hoo….alison

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