My goodness this is difficult and I’ve rather been putting off writing this post knowing
how sad it will make everybody who’s followed the blog and had such high hopes for our lovely garden. We are closing down at the end of the month – there I’ve said it.

If you’ve followed us from the start you’ll know that we had the land on a Meanwhile Lease which enabled the owner to lend it to us until they were ready to start building. Our initial agreement expired in June and our attempts to get a new lease came to nothing. We were eventually contacted by a legal firm who had been appointed to sell the land for redevelopment. Many people advised us to stand our ground but the site was sold and the new owners asked us to be prepared to leave the site within 7 days. This was extended to 21 days to give us time to move or find storage. We asked if we might stay on for a longer period and they agreed with the proviso that we must move within 21 days of notice being served, at any time in the future.

We’d set up the garden as a Moveable Feast so we started looking around for a new local site and this is where the wheels came off our big idea. We couldn’t find anywhere suitable in this part of town where there is a need for a growing project like ours. We also realised that we simply can’t plan and grow seasonally with a 21 day notice to quit hanging over us.

We held a committee meeting and decided to shut down at the end of the month and redistribute everything from the garden to other growing projects and charities that help people in our area. It’s the end of the growing season, the weather is mild and if we have to close this is a good time to do it.

The great news is that the local primary school are starting a gardening club and will be taking compost, tools, our shed and – if they can raise the moving money – our polytunnel. This means that the very children we hoped would benefit from the community garden will soon be sowing, planting and harvesting in their own school garden.

We held a closing party on Sunday.
Poster 20-10A4

People were invited to take plants in exchange for a donation and it suddenly occurred to us that all these plants were going off to grow and thrive in other local gardens and allotments around the town, so it really was a moveable feast.
We also had compost, pots and bulbs for everyone to plant up and take home as a springtime reminder of the garden.
Its been great in so very many ways. Especially as an example of what can be done if you put your mind to it. It wasn’t easy and there were times when we were completely shattered but we will miss those sunny afternoons in the garden beneath the big GROW wall.

And the end we may not have MOVED but we definitely GREW.

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About sally2walton

My family has lived in the same house in St Leonards on Sea for 20 years with a small garden full of figs, herbs and flowers. My business CARRY-A-BAG makes bags of all shapes and sizes from recycled fabrics. I'm also part of SeaSaw Books and we've published The Little Hastings Fish Cook Books 1 & 2 to encourage people to support our fishermen by eating the local catch.


  1. Sally it was lovely to have that garden in our community. A beautiful site to see when I drove passed too. Wish it could be a permanent thing, but hopefully it will move to some other community to inspire.
    Love to all who worked so hard

  2. Oops, don’t know what happen to my reply!
    Just to say thank you for the garden it was a joy to see and hopefully it will benefit another community. Well done to everyone who worked so hard.

  3. There’s a space possibly for a similar project (or just a garden?) which could be up for grabs quite near me but I know nothing about it at the moment. I would be happy to be involved in some way. It’s described as ‘the community garden at the entrance to hughenden road’. I know it has not been maintained for a while now, but I think it could be a great green space for people in the area – including myself. Does anyone know anything about this area – who owns it, who ran the community garden previously etc??

    • Anton The people who want to get this going again as a Pocket Park have been in touch with us. I responded but the
      email bounced. Anyway, we didn’t want to go that far out of the area – the other side of the park is like South of the River!
      Thanks for your kind words about the garden.

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