See how the garden grows…

August is here and we’re feeling the heat. Last Thursday with tempertaures rising above 30ÂșC it was plain dangerous to spend more than 5 minutes inside the polytunnel. We are so lucky to have water on the site as its hard collecting rain in our water butts without roofs and downpipes. If there is an expert water collector out there please identify yourself – we need your help.

In the meantime we have a team watering the garden in the evenings and plenty of small helpers who like nothing better than to fill a can from the tap then slosh, splash and sprinkle water on the plants.


We have been doing battle with cabbage white butterflies and their ravenous caterpillar offspring. Close examination of our raised beds shows that there is a bit of a rota system operating with snails tucking themselves down the sides of the bags to sleep off their night time feasting while caterpillars chomp through the day. We need a flock of hungry birds to patrol our brassicas.
Fortunately there are some leaves they just don’t fancy so our squash, carrots and leeks remain untouched.

There are flowers everywhere and the colour contrasts absolutely zing. The painted tyre fruit trees containers have tumbling red, yellow and orange nasturtuims alongside California poppies with bright blue cornflowers and the wildflowers at the behind the fence are now butter yellow and mauve. Our meadow colour is changing all the time as new seeds germinate so there are constant surprises there too.

On the downside we had a bit of a wake up call this week when a sign appeared on our fence offering the site for sale with planning permission. We always knew this day would come whilst secretly hoping it wouldn’t. We’ll start making contingency plans to move our garden to another site but hope to be able to stay in Western Road for now and at least until the end of the growing season.

To end on a happier note here is a photograph of one of our regular visitors Herbert who celebrates his 70th birthday tomorrow. When he first came into the garden he insisted that it should have been a bowling green. We soon realised that it was pointless to explain about the proximity of several bowling greens and after a while he came round to the idea of the garden, so long as he gets a cup of tea with a biscuit. Happy Birthday “Bowling Green” Herbert.