BigDigLogo_largeLast Saturday we opened our gates to friends new and old as part of the UK-wide Big Dig community garden day.

The Big Dig aims, “to involve local people in creating vibrant community food gardens, which can reduce anti-social behaviour, provide fresh, healthy food and put pride into communities,” which pretty much sums up what we’re all about too. So we decided to take part, linking up with The Bridge Centre in Ore and Bohemia Walled Garden, St Leonards to put our towns on the growing map.

But the weather was not in our favour…it didn’t just rain, it poured. However, in true UK spirit we didn’t let that stop our party.


Da made us all delicious Thai soup for lunch, the perfect thing to warm us on such a wet and windy day.


There were homemade cakes a-plenty.


Cups of tea…and a councillor popped in/ out the tea cup.

IMG_0784 Garden produce was on offer as well as some beautiful soaps handmade, no less by volunteer extraordinaire, Cat.


A highlight was Pepe Mache’s ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ puppet show.

IMG_0787Despite the rain we even managed a bit of digging and weeds clearing, preparing our wildflower meadow area for sowing.


Thank you to everyone who came for making the day so successful despite all odds!

IMG_0756        IMG_0792         IMG_0758      IMG_0772      IMG_0779           IMG_0762  IMG_0793




Today we opened the garden after its winter sleep and we’re pretty chuffed at the turn out. We’d expected the trustees, maybe some of last year’s volunteers ….and perhaps some new faces. By the time I got there at eleven the garden was absolutely buzzing with activity and quite a lot of it was being undertaken by a whole new crop of visitors eager to get involved at all levels.
The shed has been raised onto a platform of strong blue pallets and we have a very sturdy new pallet fence along to back of the site.

Ah men! Bless their strength and love of hammers.

Compost had been delivered and Jenny shovelled and barrowed it into big growing bags and Jan gave our shed a proper spring clean. Paths were raked and order was restored.

The wheelchair-friendly path system was extended right up to both the polytunnel and the shed which will make a big difference mud-wise should the deluge return. This alone pretty well guarantees us a drought.
Peter and Cat fixed up their outdoor kitchen in the middle of the ‘orchard’ with Peter working his Kelly Kettle magic for hot drinks and Cat serving outrageously good Parsnip & Wild Garlic Soup with foccacia – eat your hearts out if you missed it! Wild garlic comes but once a year but there will be other soups, salads and stirfrys on the Turkish barbecue….

We’ve all come away from the garden full of fresh air, smelling of woodsmoke, tired in a good way and best of all very excited about the year ahead.