Paving the way

Our pea gravel paths look nice and sea-sidey but we have discovered they are not the best for those reliant on wheels – or wheelbarrows for that matter. Gravel bogs down wheelchairs and we want our garden completely accessible to all. So we raised some extra funding from something called the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund to put our paths on a firmer footing and the new surfacing is going in this week, ably laid by Peter and Abby. We went for a material called Porous Pave. Its similar to the stuff they used on the Hastings to Bexhill seafront cyclepath which is where our research started. Ours is a lightweight version and is made from 100% recycled plastic. Not pretty, but sustainable, easy to lay and crucially, easy to move when the time comes. As you can see from the pics, it goes down like carpet, clipping together neatly with no fixings required. When it is filled up with gravel this weekend, we will lose the stark black plasticky look and get back to that sea-sidey feel of the original paths. All will look spic and span for our Winter Garden Party next Saturday. There will be bird box building, story-telling, singing, stone painting, plants and cakes for sale, garden tours and lots more. Do come and join us from 11.30am if you can to celebrate six months of this wonderful project.


Moveable Feasting

We realised the sun wasn’t likely to warm and ripen the tomatoes so they were all picked and now…

There’s been a lot of rain this year and its so funny to think back to the start when the hose pipe ban was in force and we wondered whether how we would manage to grow vegetables without water. Now we are quite waterlogged. Still, the marvellous poly tunnel has saved the day and our donated Keter shed is completely dry inside. Saturday volunteers Steph and Aileen have rigged up guttering along the shed roof to feed three water butts, so when the rain does stop, we’ll be ready. Our wormery is thriving too and Peter is running a compost trial with a DIY pallet wood version and a donated plastic bin. Both could do with some dry weather and sunshine. Another generous and game changing donation was our Storm Kettle from Eva in Luxembourg – more fun and less harmful to the planet than the gas stove. The design is sheer genius.
Our new horticulturist in residence Abby Nicol has started work in the garden and we know her knowledge of vegetable growing and natural enthusiasm are going to give us a real boost. We’ve been sowing seeds and making teas in the poly tunnel and our broad beans are especially awesome. They are shooting out of the seedtray and they’re so.. green and chunky and …broad.

Winter opening hours are now in force so the garden will be open 10am-1pm on Thursdays and Saturdays and 1pm-3pm on Sundays.
Please drop by, we love to welcome new visitors and old friends.