Very early this year I went along to a community meeting about future plans for St Leonards on Sea. There were consultants down from London to help us realise our dreams, or at least to write them on a white board for all to see. I made a tentative suggestion that we could follow the example of Incredible Edible and grow vegetables to share. Good idea!
We all sat round plotting potential changes we’d like to see on large maps of the town, then the consultants went back where they came from.
And we got on with finding our site, sowing our seeds, asking for favours, applying for grants and getting to know one another over some backbreaking earth shifting, wheeling our wheelbarrows and shovelling our shingle.
The garden opened on 29th June, and a couple of weeks back six of us went along to another Way Forward meeting, where Nicole spoke about the Moveable Feast and presented a Powerpoint display mapping the garden’s progress from derelict site to green and pleasant place.
Everyone loved it but what really brought the house down was Cat stepping forward to whip the cover off this box of vegetables.

These were all picked in our garden on the day of the meeting.
What an amazing harvest from a wasteland garden that’s only existed for three months.

We take delivery of a polytunnel on Wednesday to enable us to stretch out our growing season now and begin sowing for next summer early in the spring.
And if we have to move to a new site we’ll find one, we are The Moveable Feast Community Garden afterall.
Just imagine how much we’ll be growing next year…all we need now is people, seeds and sunshine.
This is our way forward.


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