Autumn creeps in

On Tuesday I spent the whole day in the garden and, as my mother would have said, I caught the sun.
I should have held it more firmly because it’s headed off South now and we’re talking about cauldrons of soup and braziers to huddle around as the temperature drops.
The tomatoes continue to swell and ripen, the squash have been picked and we have one tiny Aubergine!
The first runner beans blew away early in the season but we planted more and at they’re thriving at last. Fingers are crossed that they survive the predicted gales this week.
People come in each day and ask us whether we are selling vegetables and we explain that we’re sharing not selling. They either look confused or delighted as we explain the concept of local people putting some time into the garden and being able to share the produce. We’ve discovered that sharing can be quite complicated. Some visit regularly, work hard and rarely take anything away whereas others visit regularly, do no work and take quite a lot away. That’s human nature and having a clear policy on picking and sharing will be more important next year when we really get our crops going.
This year we started so late and everyone in the country had the worst growing season ever, so for now we must be proud to have managed to grow some vegetables that people want to eat.

As we empty the beds and prepare to plant for winter the most delightful part of the garden is the mini-meadow, where new flowers and bees appear each day. You have to get down to their level to appreciate their delicacy and they seem all the more precious growing at the season’s end on the most impoverished soil in the garden.


2 thoughts on “Autumn creeps in

  1. Such a great success well done everyone. The meadow might be mini but looks fantastic. I recently posted how difficult meadows are to grow because the soil needs to be starved for at least two years. Many people sow seeds and are disappointed when nothing appears. If you sow a lot more seeds on the bare areas this autumn I’m sure it will look even more magnificent in spring!

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