If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know about the tons of rubble we’ve been shifting around the site. No matter what we did with it, it was still an eyesore and we had to get rid. So last week Nicole and I were on a pallet foraging trip onto the local industrial estate anyway and thought – why not visit the skip company at the same time?

We asked for the boss who was out but we got lucky because the very nice guy in the office had seen the garden on TV and the word was passed along.  By the end of the afternoon his boss called with the offer of a free skip for a day.
We know our limits and while we’re good at bag filling and wheelbarrow-ing we recognise the need for some serious muscle to get the heavy stuff into a skip. So, we asked friends, family and passers-by and on the morning …they appeared.

Teamwork ruled the day and the skip was filled and on its way back to the depot within three hours. And the really fabulous thing was how well the team of strangers bonded and left the garden as friends.  They exchanged phone numbers, made plans to meet up and of course also offered to come back and help us again.

So THANKS A MILLION to French’s Skips and to our amazing & strong skip fillers.
We couldn’t have done it without you.

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My family has lived in the same house in St Leonards on Sea for 20 years with a small garden full of figs, herbs and flowers. My business CARRY-A-BAG makes bags of all shapes and sizes from recycled fabrics. I'm also part of SeaSaw Books and we've published The Little Hastings Fish Cook Books 1 & 2 to encourage people to support our fishermen by eating the local catch.

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