The garden is such a suntrap because it faces due south and as yet lacks the softening
effect of trees or other greenery. It feels like the South of France at times but then the heavens open and we’re back in England. We’ve put this together in such a short period of time and are now playing catch-up with rotas, set opening times and a steering group. All these things will come to pass.

In the meantime, I’ve photographed the containers today and could practically see things growing taller in front of my eyes. The rain and sunshine have worked their magic and the dreaded slugs haven’t found us yet.

We have planted circles of The Three Sisters in 6 containers. Its an old Native American system where corn grows tall with a bean planted beside it to climb up and also add nitrogen to the soil. A pumpkin is planted in the centre of the circle where its broad leaves cover the ground keeping the moisture in and the weeds away.

Everyday new people come to visit and we’re starting to make a note of their wonderful comments.  Many require an exclamation mark….and some may need a few asterisks.

Feedback is good.


2 thoughts on “AND THEY’RE OFF…

  1. Beautiful ! I’m looking out for your opening times…..I was thinking when you guys know your shedule etc…I could phone ‘groups’ to see if they wanted to visit as a one off or as a regular, setting dates out every two weeks or month so that lots of groups could take part?
    Alison x

  2. Hi Alison
    Our opening hours are now posted on the fence but we could possibly arrange for groups who come with a supervisor to visit on other days. We’re looking for groups who would benefit from
    having some gardening time out in the fresh air.
    Thursday 10am – 4pm
    Friday 10am – 1pm
    Saturday 10am – 4pm
    Sunday 2pm – 4pm

    Sally x

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