After the ecstasy, the laundry

Woman standing behind plants

There’s a different kind of energy in working on a project to create something to a deadline than to its ongoing care and maintenance. After all the hands on hard work and buzz of pulling together to build the garden in time for the opening event, we are now enjoying the mellower pleasures of pottering around the garden checking on our new plants and making sure they get off to a good start. There’s still more to do to complete the garden, (is a garden ever complete?), but we now need to focus on the practicalities of how it will be managed into the future. We are waiting to hear if we have been successful in our bid for funding from the Foreshore Trust for a ‘horticulturalist in residence’ – someone to provide expert veg growing advice and support, and be a regular presence on site. But we also need a band of trusty volunteers who can commit to being in the garden at certain times each week – then we can publicise opening hours to the wider community rather than our current rather vague, come in when there’s someone there approach. Given the wonderful enthusiasm of everyone who’s been involved so far, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Oh and in case you were missing that buzz – here’s a little reminder from the BBC South East team who visited the garden last Friday as we were working to get it finished, (skip to 22:15 minutes into the programme):

And it’s featured on the BBC website:

Onwards and upwards I say!

PS – the rather strange blog post title is from meditation master Jack Kornfield’s book about how after achieving the realization of enlightenment – after the ecstasy – we are faced with the day-to-day task of translating that freedom into our imperfect lives – the laundry. Luckily I love doing the laundry –  especially when it’s in a garden.


2 thoughts on “After the ecstasy, the laundry

  1. Hi Nicola, Just read the last blog you put up & I was wondering if it would be okay to turn up to help out in the garden sometime. I would much rather do that, then commit to a rota as I am never sure when I will be around etc. I know that you have put a mobile number up for people to ring, is that still available? Then I could ring to see if someone was going to be there. Love Su xx

    • Hi Su – do come to the garden whenever you can – no need to commit to a rota. Our garden phone is a bit flaky and we need to get it sorted. Probably the best place to look at the moment is the facebook group Moveable Feast Garden and we will post when we are at the garden there. Will sort out something more accessible ASAP though!

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