The past month has been a bit of a slog to be honest. We’ve shovelled hardcore, carried buckets of bricks and raked up things we would rather not have. The weather has thrown everything but snow at us and though none of us would have chosen it we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. We feel like we belong here now, in a way we never would have if professionals had prepared the site for us. Now we’re ready to grow.

I picked up plants we bought from Friary Gardeners then Nicole and I went to the Hastings Garden Centre to choose our £200 worth of plants. We did a bit of a ‘garden centre sweep’, smiled for the photographer and raced back to offload. Half an hour later I  planted our first plant,a bronze fennel, in our herb bed.

We had so many new people come over to see what’s happening and half our time is now spent talking and explaining this wonderful community garden idea to passers by.
The concept of a group of people clearing away the ugly and inviting people they’ve never met in, to grow and share will take a while for some to grasp. Others simply get it straight away and before we have time to finish the intro they’re asking where the gardening gloves are and filling a wheelbarrow.

On Monday a team from Quadron Services came to help us in a big way and one of them was the actual Mayor of Hastings who shovelled shingle in a high viz jacket alongside the rest of us all morning.
The BBC have been in touch and plan to come and film us for BBC South East on Friday.
And so it grows.

Our new friend Peter was a stalwart of last week’s doomed shed building and took its destruction on the chin. So he’d absolutely earned the fun he had recreating our logo today by planting up the abandoned shopping trolley we found on the site.


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