When we thought about making a garden we pictured it GREEN with produce overflowing the containers  and covering the white plastic-ness of them. There were vegetables everywhere and fruit and flowers and birds & bees. And there will be – but not quite yet.

The garden is open from next Friday and right now there seems an awful lot to do before our vision becomes reality

For instance the garden needs a sign and this is my sort of job.

Here’s how I spent my afternoon.


5 thoughts on “GIVE ME A SIGN ….

  1. Hi there! This looks a wonderful project. I was a community gardener for years in London and am so excited to see such an innovative project fairly near me – do you need any help? Green fingered, passion for people and plants. Am willing to volunteer in any way.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Welcome to Moveable Feast! Please do join us, your experience will be appreciated. Do you know where we are and if so please
      come and say hello tomorrow or Monday or Wednesday next. We’re planning to open on 29th July but this weather….!!!

  2. Hello Sally

    Is there any way that we could know when anyone will be there? I don’t (and can’t) twitter so that’s no good….texts? Only if it’s free for you and you can be arsed?

    Alison (Cooper) x

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