Two very hard-working guys, Jason and Hassan, from Veolia came to help us last Wednesday and their main task was to clear the debris and buddleia roots away so that it would be all clear for fencing. Determination is great but sometimes there nothing quite like man-power to lift and shift.

Saturday was our first big volunteer work day. The men from Tate fencing  were on site first thing and after a slight misunderstanding about the position of the gates, they got stuck in. We now have a pair of very big gates but the old blue hoarding had to go back up, so still no fence…yet!
Saturday was a joy though and everyone who came along really got stuck into the hard work of levelling the end of the site. It was real chain gang stuff – shovelling and carrying rocks and rubble, spreading shingle and laying down pallets for the containers. There is nothing quite like working hard together when the sun shines – and luckily it came out and did just that, as did everyone who came to help. We achieved!

This week the meadow seed is being delivered and we have some topsoil to spread before that can be sown. We’ve also ordered a metal shed with donated money ( thank you)
and we’ve got helpers coming on Thursday to put it up – weather forecast is grim, so that might speed things up! Tomorrow is another volunteer workday and may be our first chance to put some compost in the containers – I’m desperate to take some pictures of green growing stuff as most of these look like we’re on an archaeological dig in Palestine.
Official Garden opening at 6pm on 29th June.


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