RAIN and delays

Frankly we’ve had enough of this, so whoever is doing the very effective rain dance – could you please stop now?

I have been putting off posting on the blog in the hope that I’d have pictures of something other than soggy seedlings in containers, but alas we are still not on site! Getting planning permission passed was a cause for celebration and we followed that up with a public meeting last week. It was great to see new enthusiastic faces in the room and we are anxious not to lose their energy with further delays. The seedlings that have managed to dodge the snail and slug onslaught are desperate to get their roots into their permanent containers. Not long now.

Local businesses have been amazing and generous with their help and we would like to thank Best Demolition for bringing their digger/bulldozer along to level the site and take away the rubble.  Veolia are donating all our compost …and have been great and now even more great by lending us a team of men to help lay out the garden and fill the containers; Stamco are delivering 50 wooden pallets and 50 builders sacks to be filled; Chessington Tyres are giving us tyres for planters and Tate Fencing are coming to install a chainlink fence with gates! Phil Oakley is providing us with a security lights to be fixed to Tim Nathan’s wall and Mark Dicker, Amir and Chris from the local community police have been very helpful and supportive.



1 thought on “RAIN and delays

  1. Wow! You guys are amazing. Your blog is brilliant! I am so sorry I will not be with you for your working party today. At least it looks like a dry day! Lovely to see Jo at the Jubilee event planting seeds for the jubilee with children for the garden. I think I will print off a couple of pages of the blog to put up in the children’s centre if that is okay with you!. Growing like crazy at home for the garden too. My green house is heaving at the seams.
    O, by the way, I’ve made another interesting contact for you. A friend of mine, Jackie will be contacting you. She is a wonderful woman who does the hope kitchen on Saturdays for some for the street folk in the area and she would love to see some of them getting involved… under supervision of course. I am sure she will contact you to look at the potential for involving folk.
    By the way, did you manage to get a plumber…? If not, I think I know a man that can and soon.

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