Drizzle will not stop them…..

Wednesday was one of those invisible rain days when its not lashing down but you’re getting soaked to the skin anyway.  The contractors decided there was too much rubble for people to deal with so they have rescheduled and up-scaled so we shall now be getting a man with a digger to level our planting area!   The thing was though, we simply could not wait another day and needed to get in there and DO something.

Nicole and I took loppers and secateurs down and cut most of the buddleia down and were joined by Kevin, who lives locally. He brought a saw and dealt with the more established buddleias with thicker stems up by the wall and that has made a huge difference to the look of the site.

Later in the day I met Robin Jones, who is the Business Development Officer for Groundwork UK on site http://www.groundwork.org.uk and really felt that our morning’s work had been well worth it, if only for the sense of ‘ownership’ it had given me in being able to talk about the site and our grand plans for it.  I wasn’t standing in the middle of a daunting rubbish tip anymore!

We have days when we don’t feel things are moving fast enough and we have a lot to learn, but we keep meeting new helpful and friendly people who are keen to lend a hand and be a part of helping this community garden come alive and thrive.

Watch this space!

P.S.  The seedlings are being decimated by fat snails and slugs who are revelling in this weather!

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About sally2walton

My family has lived in the same house in St Leonards on Sea for 20 years with a small garden full of figs, herbs and flowers. My business CARRY-A-BAG makes bags of all shapes and sizes from recycled fabrics. I'm also part of SeaSaw Books and we've published The Little Hastings Fish Cook Books 1 & 2 to encourage people to support our fishermen by eating the local catch.

3 thoughts on “Drizzle will not stop them…..

  1. I hope you are keeping the buddleia; they are great for attracting bees butterflies and hoverflies. A good pruning now will ensure lots of new flowers. It’s good to think about the ecosystem you are creating especially if you want to grow food organically and that means encouraging beneficial insects to munch on the ones you’re not so keen on. That wall would look great painted!

  2. Yes we love buddleia almost as much as the bees and the butterflies and there will be plenty left on the site beyond the veg plots. We have just cleared the area where the veg containers will be. Thanks for the tip about pruning now to get more flowers – we will definately be acting on that one.

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