Putting pen to paper

It’s a peculiar challenge, designing a garden around the shape and size of a builders pallet, (100 x 120cm if you really want to know). These ubiquitous items, found discarded out the back of shops and building sites everywhere, will be the bedrock of our moveable garden, providing the means of moving the plant containers placed on top of them when the site is eventually handed back for development. Putting pen to paper has really helped to turn our ideas into a possible reality – and thrown up some critical questions. How much growing space is needed? How will the space be shared between different users? (a free for all approach like Incredible Edible Todmorden or designated community allotments for specific groups to use?). What about wheelchair access and where should the all important shed go? We’re not in the business of designing a set piece show garden here – we want the garden to evolve organically into a form that follows its function. But we need to start somewhere. So biting the proverbial bullet, I have sketched out a plan and here it is. Thoughts, comments and ideas would be most welcome.


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