Made the press and plenty of progress

What a great week! We featured in the Hastings Observer – read all about it….. and everyone’s talking about the garden.
We’ve also had some very generous offers of help from local businesses. Stamco the timber people are giving us all the pallets and builders sacks we need and best of all they are delivering to the site. Love those guys!
Ashley from Tate Fencing came down to meet us to see what could be done about the boundary fence and gates – fingers are crossed that they might have some pre-loved gates for us and we fell in love with his idea of a picket fence. That would really spell out the Community Garden message to anyone considering a bit more fly-tipping.

We may also have compost coming our way from a local contractor and Hastings & Bexhill Wood Recycling are going to make us some benches.
Posters have gone up, leaflets popped through letter boxes.

Closer to home I’m rather proud of my cobbled together cold frame and hope that the seedlings will understand that they’ve gone out there to hardened off not killed off! Their vacant spaces on the window ledges have already been taken by new sowings, so there’s no coming back in.


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