The hosepipe ban brings plenty of rain

We are making progress in many ways behind the scenes and now have a site clearance date. The garden plan will feature in the local paper on Friday with contact details for people who want to get involved. The response has been 100% positive so far and its exciting to think of people reading about the idea for the first time.
I have become a real scavenger and hardly ever return home without a new crate or compost bag. Yesterday I picked up three large polystyrene fish boxes from Rock a Nore. These are perfect for vegetable growing as they’re lightweight and very insulating.

It will be like moving the baby from a cot and to be tucked into bed when I transplant the seedlings.                                       Much as I will them to grow faster the cold snap has slowed things down in the nursery.



We are on such a steep learning curve and now have spreadsheets about several different aspects of the Moveable Feast. We also know the cost of four water butts. It does seem that rain has come back as a bit feature in our lives since the day the hosepipe ban was enforced. Fortunately we have four tall buildings with downpipes at the ready, it’s a shame the water butts haven’t been installed there yet because we are missing all this lovely rain. In the meantime we all continue to grow our portable gardens at home to be moved to Western Road in June

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My family has lived in the same house in St Leonards on Sea for 20 years with a small garden full of figs, herbs and flowers. My business CARRY-A-BAG makes bags of all shapes and sizes from recycled fabrics. I'm also part of SeaSaw Books and we've published The Little Hastings Fish Cook Books 1 & 2 to encourage people to support our fishermen by eating the local catch.

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